Monday, April 9, 2012

A simple 9 years of celebration!

For this special day we decided to make it a little bit different than how we've been celebrating his birthday. We decided that we would stop throwing big parties after the 3rd year of birth. And we would choose to celebrate it within our family on the day of their birthday. The difference with this one was that we invited both sides of our family. It wasn't so big that we couldn't fit in our house. Actually, it was just perfect. I set up a long table for all to sit together. And the table was set up nicely.
All the decoration used were mostly Ezekiel's favorite toys, books, and his past creative drawings and paintings. I even used it as a topping for his homemade brownie cake.
The drawings were pulled out of his scrapbook and rolled up, then put inside empty mason jars. And set it up as the table's center pieces. This way the whole family can see what he's been drawing and writing about.  In fact there was one that he made into his own batman comic book.  
I needed to add his favorite color, red, on the table. So I had some left over red gift wrapping paper and used that as the table runner. And voila! an instant colorful table!

The books he has read was a great addition to the center piece. Everyone was very proud that he has finished reading the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.

Among his other favorites were also added into the center piece, apples & hot cheetos, served as appetizers.

And the food was served as a buffet style in the kitchen.

We were very glad to celebrate this day with the whole family.

Thinking creatively makes it fun to organize a frugal birthday celebration!

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