Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A cancelled flight

So this is how it feels like when your red eye flight gets cancelled! You're stuck at the airport for how ever many hours until the airline's next available flight. And it feels like traveling all night long except you never left the terminal area. You get to sit down at one spot and see the crowd die down and get busy again. It seems like a hassle! But in light of it I know God's sovereign plan is behind it all. I couldn't complain too much, because other people around me were doing enough of the complaining, loudly. They were really making it know to the whole airport how they want their money back and all that. Like it helped any! Getting mad over a flight being cancelled wasn't worth a moment. Yes it was a long line to get a new boarding pass, but I learned that patience is a better route to go. I know I'm still blessed, I have these chairs to sleep on, a blanket and pillow the airline provided. I just can't go to sleep. Hey I gotta count my blessings to get thru the day and enjoy GOD in the midst of trials.

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