Friday, April 23, 2010

Another sleeping beauty panorama


I thought I would share this old picture. For some reason I love to capture my children sleeping. I think it's the most adorable site to stare at. It's those moments of silence that I catch myself saying thank you God for my children, and of course, hearing their laughter during their energetic moments are also those times I say I love your Lord for giving me happy boys!

Anyway, this is Jacob, my second child, who wanted to help the baby take a nap, but it looks like he fell asleep with the baby. This photo was voted as our family's favorite picture for the year on our Christmas 2009 family newsletter. 


knit1kids4 said...

OMG... that is adorable! I love it!

{I'm an inactive member of the SHEteam on Etsy. Just wanted to say how I found your blog}

CIEL said...

Hi knit1kids4! thanks for stopping by. Welcome to my blog.