Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Macaron baking notes:

Sorry this came late, but below is a list I made while I made another batch of macarons during the holidays. And while I made sure to keep these short notes in mind, surely enough, I was able to make a good 130 pieces of french macarons.


1. To avoid cracking: after setting the batter on the pan, let it sit for a couple of minutes and put on the top rack in oven... less cracking
2. Over bake a little to harden a little bit, because if you take it out to early it will stick to the pan. I guess it also depends on how strong your oven. Mine is pretty strong. So instead of 375 degrees, I set it to 325, and over back at the temperature.
3.  Oh, beating the egg whites was very tricky. But finally after few tries I finally saw the peak. Important note I had to make was, don't use a "wand" handmixer, which was my only mixer in my kitchen. So I thought was fine to use. But unfortunately it was strong enough to beat fast and see it peak. Therefore, use the traditional handmixer. I didn't own one, so I had to barrow my mother in laws.
 4. It made it very clear to me that letting it set on the pan for a long time before putting it in the oven was less cracking. A good 30 minutes. But if you get impatient like me, just make a mental note, relax and take your time all throughout making this yummy things. Have fun with it!

For more tips, I recommend visiting, www.daydreamerdesserts.com.  From all the recipes I found on google, this one gives a pretty detailed directions how to be successful with making your french macarons. (I found this link from my own research, I am not associated with this blog.)

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