Friday, March 18, 2011

A field trip to California Science Center

It was a blast for the kids to take a trip to Los Angeles, California Science Center. Though this would be the second time to visit, it has become a place to be visited over again. The best part of taking the boys to the center is that it's free of entrance. And it's almost like Disneyland where you have to repeat your visit to see all the exhibits.
The exhibit that the boys enjoyed going to was the Creative World. This is the place where they had the opportunity to have hands on with transportation and technology. There they saw how creative the human mind can be. That it has the capacity of making something great if they just apply their knowledge.
It is my hope and prayer that as I take my kids to these kind of place that it will be an encouragement to them. And I know I have yet to see them grow from it as I diligently raise them as they should. The Lord help me.

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