Monday, July 25, 2011

Refreshing Homeschool Thoughts

So just after all the vacation that we've been to (which I still have to share) we are able to calculate the next school year for us, and decided that we will be officially following a whole year schooling pattern. For the past 4 months I've been stuck on books that have been enriching my understanding more and more of how to approach our homeschooling style. On top of "Leadership Education", now I have become even more excited to raise my children towards  a love of learning lifestyle. Thank you to my local library for carrying the books that I wasn't ready to buy from the store just yet. Thank you to the internet, the website that has been so helpful and informative regarding Classical Education, especially in the Christian perspective. And lastly, thank you to my fellow homeschooling moms who has been my backbone of this great journey to homeschooling! And so now I have so much to share with any one  who is interested in serious homeschooling.

So for this month's Homeschool Journal. I'd like to share with a little something that maybe you do or do not know yet. But did you know that government requires 180 days for school? Because I'm homeschooling I went ahead and did some calculation for my own personal information to keep. And I tallied 182 days total if I was to do a whole year round schedule. It might sound bad, but I actually find it much easier load to look at.  I actually can take 1 week break every month. And during the holidays take 2-3 weeks total. This way I have my year laid out. And I don't feel stressed out what I would do during a 3 month break during the summer. And try to cramp everything in the span of 10 months w/o breaks.

Anyway, I would like to announce that we are officially an "all year homeschoolers"!

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