Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homemade Crispy Fish Sandwich

Lately it's been a little challenging to cook fresh lunch for my kids. And serving left overs from the night before is sometimes not too appealing. Especially when we get busy with the day sometimes it really gets hard for me to squeeze in the time to prepare hot lunch. And  so, whenever I get into this mood, I still like serving them something that is healthy and I know that is good for them. I like to pop some square shaped fish sticks in the toaster oven! And I though it would good to share how much I have enjoyed preparing this new sandwich trend that I've started in my home. Square shape fish sticks! The boys love it with rice, but because of their square shaped it is easy to make a sandwhich out of it. So I have concucted my very own homemade deluxe fish sandwich! And I think it beats going to McDonalds for fish sandwich!

The bread I used is a deli style burger bun. Added cheese, tomatoe and lettuce, and spread some mayo and horseradish mustard. It was deliciously good!

Preparing the fish sticks is very convenient for me, because the first half of our day gets pretty busy the toaster oven becomes my best friend in the kitchen. So while I continue with the kids' studiesthe fishes are toasting.

Maybe you're wondering where I buy them, Costco is the place.  The whole bag cost less than $8 for a count of 12 (I think its a good deal, especially for the size). The type of fish is cod. And the quality is really good!

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