Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Journey to Homeschooling: Day 13

So Day 11 was a bust for me, and so it seemed. But in the midst of it all blessings were out pouring, and that's no doubt. On day 12 I resolved to avoid such kind of day. I figured maybe I was trying too hard to make it my day instead of their day and letting things be. So I resolved to remind myself,

"do all things without grumbling and dispute" Philippians 2:14

For some odd time of the night I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I went to my mac and did some online search of a website that was given to me awhile ago and forgotten what it was about. I finally found it again and learned that it was going to be helpful for me personally. Let's just say it inspired me once again.

It is a christian base homeschool resource website called, Heart of Wisdom. What I found for myself is that their  history and science curriculum is central to the Word of God. And for my family that has been our definite direction. It has free download resources. They have prepared lesson plans available for download from K-12. In this website I have found a way to get the kids into new way of learning.  Making "lapbooks". This type of learning got my kids involved in reviewing what they have been doing as our bible devotion and also as a part of our Ancient history study. Which is really biblical times. So having to explore this new website it enlightened me and inspire me to do something new with the boys. I highly recommend it for families who desire to be bible directed in their studies. I'm very happy and thankful for this website.

And so today, as Day 13, we took the time to piece things together from our study in the book of Genesis in a lapbook. Thanks to Heart of Wisdom for providing the pieces!

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