Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"On a Tight Budget" Series

As homeschoolers, I'm pretty sure many of us are one income family.  As we also are in the same boat, that's why I'm always on a hunt for bargain and reliable ideas on saving money. So I would like to dedicate this series on such ideas that I find and also apply in life. For my very first one, I was once again browsing through a website for other homeschool resources online. And this came about and free book about ways to save money on homeschooling. Which by the way, I believe is worth downloading. It is free! (Download link: )
And reading through it, I just had to share one of the first idea I came across to and mention it.
"3. Identify Needs and Wants
Take a look at your list of books, materials and supplies and decide which items are needs and which items are wants. For example, you may want an expensive vocabulary program when all you really need is a dictionary. You may want a complete home library when all you really need is a library card. Spend money on your needs first. Then, use remaining funds on your wants, in order of importance." (Free copy of 101-ways-to-save money on Homeschooling by Carletta Sanders)
This idea is nothing new to me. I have been thinking about it, but it is hard to apply at many times. Needs and wants are totally two different things and I know I need discernment as I step in to the stores I go to to keep up with our materials at home. And many times I get tempted to think that good deals are needs when they might be just wants.

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