Monday, September 19, 2011

My Rose of Sharon Hair Appliques

First I want to say thank you to my cousin Gyan, who made me feel very happy I made these hair clips and allowed me to take pictures of my items on her.

So these are very new to my etsy shop. Its materials are personally handpicked. I repurposed an unwanted formal gown made from chiffon and soft satin. It was a dress that no one was willing to wear anymore.

And as an introduction to my new item. I name this particular rose shaped hair applique, SHARON. This line of hair appliques is perfect for weddings or just simply accessorizing for a good hair day. I'm sure ladies will find many use for this clip. Attached on the back of it is a silver duck clip. Although this clip will not hold up hair, but it will stay steady on the head long enough as an accessory. Another advantage of the duck clip is that it can be attached to a favorite hairband.

Each roses are individually sold.

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