Monday, March 26, 2012

A healthy meal for the family

So I stopped buying ready made yogurt when I found out that I can mix my own. It's quite easy to innovate after learning other people's techniques. Some like it plain, but some like it tasty, and some like it crunchy. So here is a quick tip from me. 

  1. Buy any plain yogurt. I also buy Fage, greek yogurt. But in the picture below I have Mountain High Low fat Plain Yogurt. Either one will be great with this healthy snack.
  2. Syrup or honey to taste. I make my own berry syrup. That will be my next blog recipe.
  3. Add an granola bits/cereal/etc. 
  4. Add fresh berries. 
  5. And mix it all up you have your very own yogurt that's less than .50 cents each from the grocery store.

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