Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthdays don't need to be extravagant!

I'm a believer on making birthdays as creatively special and practically all together. Making the memories is what counts most. Celebrating isn't the only purpose either. It is adding to the person's history of life. Whether it be a child or an adult's birthday. It's should always be a special day to remember. So in addition to my frugal birthday series let me share this one particular birthday that we celebrated. It was my husband's 35th birthday. We celebrated it at home with a special meal, a brownie cake to blow his candle, and a scavenger hunt for his gift. The kids couldn't wait for that one! 

So we have a birthday gift tin box that we use to put our special notes in. And every celebrant will get to open it on their special day. It could be love notes or a hint to start a scavenger hunt for their gift. This was really fun for the kids, because they get to try finding it too. 

The benefits on being frugal like this are plenty! We were able to spend his birthday intimately with his special love ones in his special place, his home. No need to spend much on food either, because it was all home made cooking of his favorite meal. His gift was just as special, because he is  a dad who is content with whatever he is given.  The list goes on!

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