Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to School at Vanguard Homeschool Academy

I'm very excited to get back into the groove again. The summer vacation trips we made had the kids looking forward to what's next on our schedule. But telling them about hitting the books soon wasn't going to be too exciting for them to hear. Since we are an all year school calendar, everything counts for their learning! What a beauty homeschooling makes!

So first on my list was to get my scope and sequence from Abeka and write down what goals we are looking at for this coming year. This really helps as a guide for me as I look for sources and methods to teach and help them apply it in life.

Here are a few other things that helped me get me going.
- www.homeschoolfreebie.com, I've been following this website for a couple of years now. Every week they send me a new list of free resources to use. I totally recommend it. And it's free to subscribe!

-www.educationworld.com, this website is recommended by Homeschool Freebie of the Day. The 5 minute lesson plans is a great list of suggestions! I actually followed one plan to teach spelling. Made a little tweak to it. Instead of drawing the alphabets on a fabric or a shower curtain, I used our school closet door and made the alphabets out of contact paper. It was quick and easy. The boys helped stick the letters. They enjoyed it!

So as I prepare for this year's lessons, I also try to find ways to get them ready by getting them involved.

Happy Back to School!

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